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Friday, 22 August 2014

Duncan Fletcher spoke to a source about what went wrong for India

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Please note that this is a work of pure fiction humor 

The Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) cut the wings Duncan Fletcher a "quiet" in two of his trusted men's bowling coach Joe Dawes and coach Trevor Penney after the introduction of a "one-day international against India in England apparently awakened mauling study concluded that the number of BCCI grew up the hard way cricket manager Ravi Shastri immediately report to Fletcher has a fire-rounder .Intian coach was that his express their feelings.

Fletcher said the source, that trust, that is to say, the reasons for the poor performance of India in the test series against England.

1 Believe me, it's a strategy to lose a test series in England, and sleep, giving them a false confidence. Who cares about test cricket! Fans do not. And the fans are important to us: Just wait and see what happens in the ODI series edetessä.Todellinen class between the two sides can see the world.

2 I have to admit that not all catches spilled slip was intentional and part of the strategy. Frankly, some dropped catches of guys who do not wash their hands when cutting butter chicken break. These things happen.

3 We had hoped that we would find candy door to us. But, unfortunately, it did not happen
4 Trevor Penney and Joe Dawes want to break the BCCI refused to, after testing the Lords. So ...

5 There was a communication problem. Some guys do not understand Hindi, as Trevor, Joe, and I'm talking about.
6 There was no director of cricket, so it's important to win matches.

(Vincent Sunder try to play Test cricket, but had to struggle to play Cricket Gorge, who managed to win the league title is out of KSCA tournaments Han referee games after ravine once expressed his dissatisfaction with the decisions of the judges -REAR, after two decades in the corporate sector, he became business in order to be able to see cricket matches during the working day, as well as Vincent gets his best cricket books and cricket videos and discussing cricket)

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