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Friday, 22 August 2014

Who will face the media after a highly unsuccessful day

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The first step to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), after three successive rescue plans is that spineless bowling coach and build a "pause" and strengthen the supply side with several auxiliary staff, low profile plate Ravi Shastri as cricket . Joe Dawes and Trevor Penney battle Arunabh Sengupta wonders who will pad up and out to meet the press conference at the end of a hard day courage.
In the wake of a disaster, it is often an urgent need to restructure and again. In the process of reorganization, curious distortion are witnesses, and so the first heads to roll are often the victims of knees jerking. More often than not, convenience also plays an important role.
"Pause" as bowling coach Joe Dawes and coach Trevor Penney operation speaks easily classified as visceral reactions associated with large komfortem.Dva were locked, but familiar enough with "extremely exaggerated", but stamped indelibly on their profiles Perhaps his work was indeed considered important;. Maybe not meet expectations, it is. true that the players lost their third round of joint form and as the series progressed, recording sheet was horrible vile contemptible.

But if this is really the type of corrective measures to bring the wealth of cricket in the outer ring is far from certain. With the "breaks" forced to give bad sign that the complex show a few liters to replace cheap oil poured on troubled waters furiously.

Sure, there were increases in demand Bharat Arun and Sanjay Bangar as an assistant coach. If you look across the landscape of Indian cricket, it would be difficult to find a few discreet low profile. Make two seems strange that muffler carefully chosen to absorb what could have shot a powerful villain reverb.
It should be noted that the sound and fury, therefore suppressed by introducing Bangar and Arun were more than offset by the appointment of Ravi Shastri - perhaps one of the most powerful men in cricket today. He worked as Director of Cricket - a position previously unknown and not focused on the history of Indian cricket. Maybe the team reused some of the best practices business organizations or the film industry.
But he added in the order of things, regardless of the strange role will carry all the fruit is questionable penalty. As M Natarajan said, "it is likely that the voice of his main force cricketing brain can make intelligent and hard to improve decision Shastri Indian cricket." Not many people scratching their heads wondering who is the winner here.
But sending Penney and Dawes in the emergency landing, the Board of Management for Cricket in India (BCCI) Do you really think? You do not need more than these two? Regardless of its contribution to the achievement of the Indian side, they interact to play an important role for the team.
Penny and Giles was by far the most relevant caps on the Indian side by Syed Kirmani. Whenever an Indian team devastating impact that created the apparent wounds and holesby end of the day, these rugged men sent forces to maintain, protect the biggest names on the side of the heaviest in the dark.
When India finished the first day in Southampton are just a few wickets in the bag, he came to Dawes, boldly stands composers hostile media during the press after the game, press. Generally, it is best to begin to answer the highlighted questions. Unfortunately, that day, there was no one who can honestly say it has everything, what is the best way around very long shot. Dawes and shoulders responsibility with admirable enthusiasm, squatting, arms and offers to make the most defensive ends bat. During these conferences, the impression that the team is never out of the game, all you have to do is sit back and good to play. Dawes secular answers articulated perfect combination of tax evasion and inanity.

Come oval, the first day ended with India attracts a weak third row, and England tribes are already underway to examine the total, with all windows intact. But this time, India was the man of the day, no less than captain MS Dhoni. When the order above, for the second consecutive exams and who did more with a stick in his 10 men together. He had to overcome the conditions and bowling own technical shortcomings to notch 82 tracks admirable courage and common sense. But the man who had to deal with the media was Penney.
So startling was his appearance as the manager of the Indian media, Dr. RN Baba even introduced with the words: "Trevor Penney, coach commissioning." Measures, however, the law has two objectives, which are not what the media men laughing. Not only does the captain and his men were protected from premature fifteen minutes convincing drain issues, a large part of the consultation was diverted to the beach instead of the disastrous performance of the batsmen shooting. Penney is a reporter could not help but ask: "Whenever a bad day, please. Today captain played an excellent innings and still not come to answer questions ..." As a practical manner Penney said, "He had a long day. "
These two men do not meet this demanding role exceptionally well. Due to the recent operations of the Indian team, this function is extremely important. The Indian team is in them overcome the loss of these two outstanding Stonewallers night? One can perhaps say with certainty that direction to find a way out. After all, they have a wealth of experience in recent years.

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